Winter Weather Safety Tips

by Tesneem Ayoub

Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) announced that the current cool, windy, and sometimes dusty weather is expected to continue during the week due to strong northwesterly winds. These conditions, plus the recent thundery rainfall, has led the department to share safety guidelines on social media for the different types of weather expected this time of year. Here’s the summary.

Strong Winds and High Waves

• Avoid sea-related activities. This includes free swimming, diving (free and scuba), boat trips, surfing, fishing, and windsurfing.

Dust Storms

• As much as you can, avoid direct exposure to dust and dirt.
• Wash your face, nose, and hands frequently.
• Rinse your eyes with water and avoid rubbing them.
• Wear a face mask to prevent the dust from getting into your lungs.

Rain, Thunder, and Lightning

• Find somewhere safe to stay and avoid standing on rooftops.
• Distance yourself from tall trees and utility poles.
• When it’s thundery, avoid open spaces to protect yourself against rain and lightning.
• If you’re driving, slow down and make sure you’re following safety rules like wearing a seatbelt and not using your phone. You should also keep your windows up and ensure that your windscreen wipers are working correctly.
• Avoid watersheds.
• If you’re at home, try disconnecting all your electrical appliances to protect yourself against lightning strikes.
• Avoid touching or handling electric devices with wet hands.
• If anyone is struck by lightning, call 999.

QMD also predicts mist and fog will form in certain parts of the country from Saturday 08 January 2022 until the end of that following week. As visibility is expected to plummet to zero at times, QMD urges the public to stay vigilant and keep up with the latest developments through official sources. To find out more, follow QMD on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @qatarweather or visit


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