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Sidra and Hamad Launch Paediatric Bone Surgery Service

by Tesneem Ayoub

Sidra Medicine and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) have launched a paediatric orthopaedic oncology service.

This service, established by both Sidra and HMC, caters to children and adolescents diagnosed with benign and malignant primary bone and soft tissue tumours.

According to Sidra, the service takes a multidisciplinary approach as it is supported by other sub-specialities available at both Sidra and the HMC Bone and Joint Centre. It is also the first of its kind in Qatar. So, young patients treated with paediatric orthopaedic oncology surgery can benefit from services provided by radiology, pathology, oncology, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy departments.

Dr Talal Ibrahim, Division Chief of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery at Sidra, indicated that this service could significantly change the experiences of children with bone cancer. He says that most children with the condition see several doctors because of all the tests, treatments, and surgeries they need, as their treatments require the expertise of both oncology and orthopaedic surgeons. But with this joint venture by Sidra and HMC, Dr Ibrahim says that these patients can benefit from both disciplines and access “the highest level of care” at either facility.

Dr Ahmed Mounir, Senior Consultant Orthopedic Oncology at HMC, agrees. He says that the new service provides “a smooth, simple, and uninterrupted pathway of diagnosis and treatment” for patients. This way, according to him, patients can reap the benefits of being treated by top-notch doctors and surgeons from Sidra and Hamad, all in one place.