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QM Announces Family-friendly Events for September

by Tesneem Ayoub

Qatar Museums (QM) had released its events roster for September 2021, containing events and workshops for different ages by the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ), and Fire Station: Artists in Residence. So, here’s a round-up of English-language events that are exclusively for kids and teens.

Nasta'liq Beginners

Age range: eight to 18

Date: weekly between 04 September 2021 and 25 September 2021

Time: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Instructor: Hussein Ahmed


Best suited for those with some calligraphy experience, this class will explore the Nasta’liq script. This history-rich script was invented in 15th century Iran by the calligrapher, Mir Ali Al-Tabreezi, where it was known as Naskh Tal’eq. The Ottoman states also used it, and they called it Tal’iq. According to the MIA website, the script is renowned for “its beauty, the accuracy of length of its letters, and its clarity”. To find out more or register, email miaprograms@qm.org.qa.

Ottoman Design

Age range: 12 to 14
Date: 07 September 2021 to 08 September 2021
Time: 4 pm to 5:30 pm
Instructor: TBA


Students will learn the basics of Ottoman Islamic design and painting techniques. By the end of the course, each student will have completed an illumination painting and have a portfolio with everything they have learnt about painting and drawing throughout the classes. Email miaprograms@qm.org.qa to learn more.

Jewellery Illustration Art Workshop

Age range: 15 to 18
Date: 13 September 2021 and 15 September 2021
Time: 3 pm to 4:30 pm
Instructor: TBA


Students will learn about the basic structure, proportion, and shape of jewellery pieces from the MIA collection to create illustrations of them.
These illustrations will be made with paint or markers, and students will also learn about using light and shadow techniques to make them look realistic. Email miaprograms@qm.org.qa to learn more.

Planet Kids Online

Date: 28 September 2021
Time: 3 pm to 4:30 pm
Host: TBA


Planet Kids Club is a monthly online storytime session for children with discussions and museum-related activities to help protect the planet. Kids joining will get to listen to a story related to the month’s theme (paper), do crafts, and learn more about the museum. They will also pick up a few tips on what they can do to help save the planet. To register, email librarymia@qm.org.qa.



For the full list of activities taking place this month, visit qm.org.qa.


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