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Qatar’s Latest Response to Covid-19

by Tesneem Ayoub

The total number of individuals booked for prosecution for failing to wear a mask has now exceeded 1,500, according to the Ministry of Interior. This is in accordance with the cabinet decision based on Law No. 17 of 1990 regarding infectious diseases. The continuing clampdown on individuals failing to comply with public safety measures—such as not wearing masks when mandatory or being in a vehicle with more than four individuals from different households—falls in line with efforts to keep infection rates in Qatar under control as they continue to soar elsewhere.

“The competent authorities call on the public to adhere to the precautionary and preventive decisions in force to protect them and others from the spread of the Coronavirus in society,” the statement added.

MoI and health authorities have been continuously warning the public to follow the precautionary measures like wearing a mask, following social distancing and restricting the number of people in vehicles to fight the Covid-19 pandemic from spreading.


Speaking at the opening session of this year’s virtual World Innovation for Health Summit (WISH) earlier this month, Dr Hanan Mohamed Al-Kuwari, the Minister of Public Health, said that there are currently no signs of a second wave of Covid-19 infections in Qatar. The small number of outbreaks we have been seeing recently have mostly been associated with family gatherings and have been controlled with “active surveillance and contact tracing”, according to her. Dr Al-Kuwari also stressed that it is necessary for everyone to stay alert and to continue to adhere to public health measures to keep infections at bay.