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PHCC Commemorates World Heart Day

by Tesneem Ayoub

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has launched a social media campaign to recognise World Heart Day 2021, which falls today on 29 September 2021. World Heart Day is a yearly campaign by the World Heart Federation (WHF) to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

According to the World Health Organization, CVDs are the leading cause of death worldwide, claiming an estimated 17.9 million lives a year. Conditions that are Considered CVDs include coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease.

WHF’s campaign motto this year is “Use Heart to Connect”. The campaign aims to harness digital technology to raise awareness about heart health and help people access heart healthcare, especially in low-resource places. It is built on the pillars of equity, prevention, and community, and WHF says that technology can help fulfil these goals.

The PHCC has shared awareness posters on its social media pages with the WHF hashtags #WorldHeartDay and #UseHeartToConnect. One image included lifestyle tips to enhance heart health, such as:

• having a balanced diet
• getting sufficient exercise and sleep
• reducing stress
• avoiding smoking
• getting periodic medical exams

The PHCC also posted a graphic with a list of foods that support heart health. These include whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, dark chocolate, and green tea.

To learn more about World Heart Day 2021, you can follow the PHCC and World Health Federation’s social media pages or #WorldHeartDay and #UseHeartToConnect.


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