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Keeping Kids Entertained while Shopping Local

by Laura Powell-Corbett

Keeping children entertained is an age-old battle. With screens becoming more accessible and multiple captivating apps cropping up every day, what do you do when you want something a little more old school to entertain your bored brood?


Since the pandemic, there has been an explosion in small businesses, with many selling unique and delightful children’s goods. Plus, a number of them have taken on a decidedly Qatar theme. So, here’s a round-up of a few local favourites to entertain your kids. Be prepared for the cries of “I’m bored!” to be a thing of the past!

Treehaus Qatar

Treehaus Qatar is the brainchild of Sheryl Bozoki, whose ultimate dream was to be the first female wooden toymaker in Qatar. And it has come true! Sheryl designs and builds tools and toys that promote open-ended play. Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of Qatar, Treehaus’s quality, handcrafted wooden puzzles and toys include the Fuwairit Beach Puzzle, hawksbill adult turtles with baby hatchlings, and beautiful handmade dugongs. Each piece is inspired by Sheryl’s exploration of Qatar with her two young boys.


All toys are individually cut, worked, painted, and coated with a mix of beeswax with mineral oil. And the unique aspect of Treehaus is that Sheryl is involved in the entire production process—from buying the raw materials and working on them to finishing up the final designs.


The beauty of these toys is that children can use them in any way they see fit, sparking creativity and imagination. They are the perfect addition to any toy box.


Where to buy/order: Torba Market at Education City

IN-Q by Qatar Museums


Instagram @treehaus_qatar

Messy Monsters

Starting off as a children’s singing and messy play class, Tamsin Bromley has poured blood, sweat, and tears into making Messy Monsters what it is today. Messy Monsters creates boxes of crafts and messy play items that are tailored to your children’s interests. This unique approach has made Messy Monsters the go-to imagination station for kids in Qatar.


Tamsin brings each box to life by evoking all five senses. For instance, some boxes contain cinnamon-scented, edible chocolate cloud dough (smell and taste) complete with a mini digger set. Others have a spooktacular Halloween play dough kit (touch) or a science volcanic experiment set (sight and sound) that is perfect for older kids. In short, there is something for every age and interest. Not only that, but she can create a custom-made Messy box just for you! All you need to do is ask.


Messy boxes are perfect for quarantine when you’re stuck indoors, or even if you just want to make a mess and fire up the imagination. Learning through play is what Messy Monsters is all about.


Where to buy/order: Instagram @messymonstersdoha



Cookie Project Qatar

Denise Lozada expanded her handmade luxury cookie range into something special you can do with your children. Her range of “do your own” cookie kits are perfect for every occasion and come complete with shaped cookies, colourful icing, and various decorative sprinkles and chocolates. Cookie-making with these kits lets you and your kids have twice the fun—when you’re decorating the cookies and while you eat them!


Recent boxes have been themed around various holidays and festive celebrations like Garangao and Qatar National Day.


Where to buy/order: cookieprojectqa.wixite.com


Luff Qatar

If you’re looking for something special for your little one to cuddle to sleep or to help them when those pesky teeth are coming in or for when they indulge in imaginative play, then look no further than Luff Qatar. Turkish mum and daughter duo Pinar Detrended and Hülya Develioğlu bring to life the softest toys you can imagine. Each piece is delicately crocheted by hand with 100% organic cotton yarn before being filled with hypoallergenic polyfill. They’re also machine washable at 30°C—essential for toys used by little ones!


With a range of colourful animals, dolls, and teething essentials, Pinar and Hülya are conscious about making sure that their products are accessible to all children. The dolls come in all skin colours, and the other products come in a range of gender-neutral colours.


Where to buy/order: Torba Market at Education City

Mahara Store in Souq Al Wakra

Instagram @luffqatar



Book Bag Qatar

Gul Awan, a born and raised Kenyan who is British through marriage, started Book Bag Doha in 2019. A long-standing expat (almost 11 years!) and stay-at-home mum to two daughters, Gul’s mission is to bring affordable, diverse, high-quality books to children aged ten and under in Qatar. With a wide range of board books, Usborne activity books, and various fact and fiction books, Gul is inspiring an entire community of young readers.


Where to buy: bookbagdoha.com



Desert Kids

Ashie set up Desert Kids to bring cute handmade baby goodies, personalised gifts, and carefully selected handpicked items to Qatar.


Ashie pours a lot of love into creating and selecting each piece, ensuring they are FDA approved, BPA-free, and 100% food-grade material with no harmful or toxic ingredients. Her gorgeous teething toys are both fun and functional, as they soothe and reduce pressure on little ones’ sore gums when their teeth are coming through. Unsurprisingly, the local best seller is the camel teething ring!


Where to buy/order: Instagram @desertkids.qa



Honey and Jam Kids

Finding last-minute gifts for her daughter and friends became an issue for Gemma, so she and her friend and fellow mum Paula came up with Honey and Jam Kids. The Doha-based concept store is filled with a curated selection of premium children’s products sourced mainly from European boutique brands and designers that are ethical and eco-friendly. Their products will fill your homes and kids’ lives with fun and love.


Where to buy/order: honeyandjamkids.com


Kids Craft Qatar

Self-confessed queen of slime, Gemma Burgess, is here for all your icky, gooey needs! Kids Craft Qatar is home to a multitude of sensory boxes for little ones to get their hands dirty. A mum to three, Gemma is passionate about sensory play and spends her free time reading about its benefits for little ones. She is on the ball with new recipes and ideas for children to enjoy, whether they prefer glitter slime or squishy play dough. Gemma’s boxes are a sensory explosion that will get your kids to play, enjoy, and learn.


Where to buy/order: Instagram @kidscraftqatar




Little Goodies

Growing up in a creative environment, it stands to reason that Raushan Bayetova would go on to bring colour to the world through Little Goodies.


Little Goodies was one of the first places in Qatar to offer handpicked children’s gifts that are eco-friendly and sustainable. As a child, Raushan would escape to another reality while playing with her wooden toys. Inspired by these memories, she has created a wide range of wooden toys, from fairy wands and bunnies on wheels to racing cars and tea sets. Each piece is made with love, which shines through with every design.


Where to buy/order: Gift Shed, Doha Festival City


Instagram @littlegoodies.qa






So, go and have a look! With this range of talented vendors and the plethora of goods they offer, there is sure to be something for every child. Plus, when you buy from a small business, you support families just like yours.



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