A Class Without A Teacher

by Dimple Verma

A class without a teacher is like a train without a guard, as a guard minds the train and a teacher trains the mind.

One of the most awaited moments in school life is when the teacher is absent from class. This is the time when a classroom can transform into a parliament, forest, bazaar, or a mix of everything! Talking, eating, jumping, throwing things, and loud laughter overrule books, discipline, and silence.

It’s the perfect time for children to relax and enjoy and exercise their right to freedom to do everything they can think of. Students revel in breaking the rules, having fun, and cherishing the good memories instead of crying over bad ones, abiding by rules, and working like robots.

An animated image of three multiethnic kids playing around in an empty classroom with a green board, teacher's table, and desk and chairs.

But without a teacher, discipline would be completely absent, and class cannot continue without it. The mischief-mongers would take control, and studious students would miss out on their classwork. Desks and chairs would be allowed to tumble here and there, with schoolbags thrown around, turning the place into more like a fish market.

And no matter what the class monitors could do to try to prevent this, the class would not be stable. The more they shout and warn, the more the other students would refuse to calm down. After all, this time without a teacher is the only chance they can be wild to their hearts’ content!

A class without a teacher can never be a place where children can learn new things and get the tools they need to grow into better individuals. With all that said, teachers should make sure they shower their students with love and care. A teacher is much like a parent—both are necessary for us to learn and try new things.

Even as a teacher myself, I admit that some teachers are too strict and complain about their students too often. I will even go far as to say that class without that type of teacher would probably be better than one with. I can understand that they may resort to scolding their students from a place of affection so that they do not repeat their mistakes.

Still, I wish that they could also realise the burden of homework and other pressures students carry on their shoulders, daily. My wish is that every class could have a friendly teacher who can empathise with students and their pain while still helping them grasp new concepts.

So, I suggest that we, as teachers, give students free periods from time to time. Let’s help them detach a little from the stresses of their usual studies and feel the kind of freedom that being in a class without a teacher could bring—but with our supervision. They will love us for it.

Dimple Verma is a Doha-based teacher who has lived in Qatar since 2011. She currently teaches English at Birla Public School and has a master’s degree in the subject. She also enjoys imparting activity-based learning during physical and virtual lessons. Mrs Verma is committed to helping students achieve success in the classroom as well as the rest of their lives.