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Things We Love Summer 2021

Handheld Milk Frothers

Ordering in a frothy cafe latte might feel like the perfect substitute to the pre-Covid morning coffee runs of yesteryear, but alas, it is still not the most economical. But these handy battery-powered gadgets could help you get the next best thing. Use with hot milk to give your homemade coffee (or matcha or hot chocolate) a foamy flair in seconds. You can also use these devices with milk substitutes and cold drinks. Costs vary depending on the brand and specifications, but at the time of writing, you can grab a basic plastic-bodied one for a bargain price of QR 6 at IKEA (without batteries). Online deliveries are also available.

Available at IKEA


If you’ve sacrificed hours of your life to compulsive social media scrolling, then you’re going to want to know about BlockSite. On BlockSite, you can add a list of apps and sites that you spend too much time on when you’re on your phone and block them for a set amount of time. And if you try to access anything from that list, not only will you not be able to, but you’ll also be met with a hilarious picture and some snarky words. BlockSite is available as both an app and a desktop browser extension.

Available via Apple, Android, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox

SuperCook: Recipes by Ingredient

We’ve all looked into our fridges and pantries, baffled by the thought of what to make for dinner. Enter SuperCook. This search engine links you to a plethora of recipes based on the ingredients you already have with you in your kitchen. All you have to do is check off your ingredients by their food group category (for example, whether they’re grains or condiments). You could also type them or use your phone’s mic to say them instead.  Plus, you can filter the results depending on the type of meal you want to make. Say goodbye to that oft-repeated mid-week pasta dish (and food waste)!

Available at supercook.com

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