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Things We Love Spring 2021

Happy As A Mother

Happy As A Mother is an internet gold mine for mothers who want an honest space to learn and feel validated about their motherhood journey. The platform is founded by Canada-based registered psychotherapist and maternal mental-health specialist, Erica Djossa. Mrs Djossa draws from her professional insight and personal experiences as a mother to create relatable blog posts, catchy Instagram posters, and podcast episodes with sought-after experts. And no topic is off-limits—from postnatal mental health conditions and mum rage to body image and married life. Mrs Djossa also offers workshops and mentorship programmes to an international audience.

Available at happyasamother.co

Hot Chocolate Bombs

This is one pandemic food trend we can definitely get behind! Popularised late 2020, the bursting balls of joy were the bit of sweetness we all needed to carry us through the end of a tough year and into the next. All you have to do is pour hot milk over one of these chocolatey orbs and watch them melt, erupting with hot chocolate mix and other additions like marshmallows or crushed-up peppermint sweets. Stir it all together and you’ll have a warm, comforting treat perfect for grown-ups and kids alike. You can buy these bombs at several bakeries and cafes across Qatar, or you can make your own at home.

Available at Opéra, Pinna Bakery, Eau De Rose, and others.

7 Days Filter Masks by Eten

These masks are comfortable at the ears, reusable, fit the face well, and have a removable water-resistant filter. They’re also super budget-friendly and cost QR 15 (at the time of writing) for a packet of seven. They also come in a variety of colours that differ depending on whether you choose the “girl” or “boy” pack (we’re not sure if that’s supposed to mean that they’re for kids, as we’ve seen them fit four adults with different face sizes!). Plus, you can also pick them up during your weekly shop. We’re going to be masking up for a while, so convenient options like these are lifesavers.

Available at Lulu Hypermarket

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