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Things We Love Autumn 2020

1- The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

A favourite of parents worldwide, this journal is a great, hands-on way to introduce your children to the concepts of gratitude and positive thinking. Every day of the week, your child fills a page with spaces to do the following: write down three things they’re grateful for, name the person who brought them joy, circle the smilies that best describe how they feel, and draw or write about the best part of their day. The journal also contains weekly prompts for gratitude-related activities.

Available on amazon.com

2- Calm

One of the best-known meditation apps, Calm has something for everyone interested in making meditation a part of their day-to-day and improving their mental health. In addition to hundreds of hours of guided meditations, Calm also offers users access to sleep stories, breathing and stretching lessons, self-improvement masterclasses, and more. There’s also a “Calm kids” section on the app with content tailored to younger audiences. At the time of writing, Calm is free to download and offers a 7-day free trial, after which there is an annual subscription fee of USD 69.99 (around QAR 260). Alternatively, users can make a one-off payment of USD 399.99 (around QAR 1460) for lifetime access.

 Available on Android and Apple

3- Journey: Diary, Journal

This award-winning, easy-to-use mobile journaling app is an excellent choice for when you want to purge what’s on your mind for an immediate release. It’s free to download, PIN-protected, and allows you to backup and sync your daily entries with Google —plus, you can add photos. At the time of writing, Journey gives users an option to make a one-time in-app purchase to unlock premium features for the cost of USD 11.99 (around QR 44).  Examples of these features: increased media attachment capacity per entry (up to ten photos, one audio, or one video recording), text formatting, a “throwback” feature to view highlighted past entries, and a connection to Google Fit.

Available on Android and Apple

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