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The Land of Stories

By Athira Santosh, Grade 11 at Birla Public School

Title: The Land of Stories

Author: Chris Golfer

Genre: Fiction/Adventure/Fantasy


The story follows the adventure of twins, Alex and Conner Bailey, who love fairy tales and hold them close to their hearts.

For their twelfth birthday, their grandmother gives them a book that has been in the family for a long time—a collection of fairytales called “The Land of Stories”. But as Alex and Conner soon find out, this is no ordinary book! The book takes them to a whole new world, to a land beyond all imaginations, to The Land of Stories. This is the land where characters live lives beyond the happy endings we all know. The twins go through their journey, meeting characters (a lot of whom we’re familiar with) and get their help to finally get back home.

The Land of Stories is a book series made up of six books. It is gripping, entertaining, and wonderfully imaginative—a great first book for teens!

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