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Red Queen

By Amatullah Hashi, Age 13


Title: Red Queen

Genre: Fantasy fiction, Novel

Author: Victoria Aveyard


“Power is a dangerous game.”

With the first series of this new author already a hit bestseller and recommended highly by so many close people to me, I knew I had to give this trilogy a go. The first book will feel familiar to those who have read and adored The Hunger Games, though it has more of a new fantasy novel adventure element bursting through. I admit, in my opinion, I initially thought that the beginning of the context was slow to build, but as I read on, it built up to the action and adventure throughout the series and played its part well. There are two warring sides in this story—red and silver—with one experiencing injustice from another. But a rebellion is slowly rising from the shadows, showing all the anger that has been boiling from all the years of oppression. Among all the fighting, an unlikely girl, Mare Barrow, shocks both worlds with a bolt of lightning, hardly figuratively, and proceeds to fall in deep with the silver-line lie…

I give this book a solid four stars.

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