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Managing all the apps and technology for my child’s learning is overwhelming; how can I get help?

The use of technology in schools has made a substantial leap forward, particularly after the onset of the current pandemic. It has changed education as we know it. As a result, parents have become overwhelmed by the number of applications children use for their learning.

As technology has become integral to teaching and learning, we must encourage children to use it and help them manage different applications—they may require these skills in their future careers.

Here are a few tips to help you manage the learning apps on your child’s device:

  • List each application’s name using a pen and paper and include all relevant information such as the app’s purpose, the subject, and the teacher who uses it. This will help you keep all the required apps in check.
  • Once you have made this list, save the apps on Google Chrome/your iPad to quickly access them.
  • Arrange the apps in terms of priority and frequency of use.
  • Make sure you save and store the apps’ usernames and passwords on your computer/iPad for quicker access.
  • Some apps are designed for communication purposes with the parents and are also used to check or submit assignments. So, spend enough time getting to know each one and play around with them. This will help you feel more confident using them and find the materials your child may need more quickly.
  • Set up notifications for new assignments so you may gain access to them as soon as they are posted. The list of notifications can also act as a to-do list.

Take everything step-by-step and trust the process. New apps are not only frustrating for you but also for your children and their teachers. Yet as time passes, they will become more familiar, and helping your child will become a lot easier.


Best regards,

Tima Al Zaim

Primary Principal

Arab International Academy

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