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The Kane Chronicles, The Red Pyramid

by Antonio Bruinsma, Age 11, 6th grade

Genre: Fantasy

Author: Rick Riordan

The Kane Chronicles, The Red Pyramid is the first in a three-book series of the Kane Chronicles. It all starts off mysterious with the two narrators telling you to go to the school and find the locker. Soon enough they start explaining who they are and how it all began. It turns out the two narrators are siblings that separated from their family and actually are known as the blood of the pharaohs since they come from a long line of Egyptian pharaohs. They discover that they possess the spirit of two very powerful Egyptian gods and are sent on a mission to destroy Set, the god of chaos, who is planning to destroy America.

I really enjoyed reading this book because in the beginning it is so mysterious but at the end it all comes together and makes you go, “Oh!”

For anyone that loves fantasy mystery and a pinch of education in their books, this book is made for you.