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The 5th Wave

by Aziza Bolat, Age 11, 6th Grade

Genre: Fantasy

Author: Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave is the first book of a three-book series: The 5th Wave, The Infinite Sea, and The Last Star. It all begins with a huge alien ship looming over Ohio which causes worldwide panic. Then all of a sudden all of the electricity in the world goes out. That was the first wave. Next earthquakes and massive tsunami waves happen more frequently. That was the second wave; however, during the third wave only the unlucky survive. A contagious disease spreads all over the world killing billions of people. The fourth wave, the “Others” arrive on Earth killing as many survivors as they can. And the fifth wave? Who knows what will happen. A teenage girl called Cassie runs to stay alive from the Others, but then she meets one of the Evan Walker, one of the Others who wants to help Cassie, and she realizes he is her only hope for saving her brother and humanity.

I really enjoyed reading this book because you don’t know what is coming next and you just have to turn to the next page.

Whoever loves thrill, mystery and a bit of horror you were destined to read this book.