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Complete Children’s Cookbook

I really enjoyed this cookbook because it shows delicious, family-friendly recipes that anyone can make. The book covers everything from breakfast to soup, salad, light bites, main meals, desserts, and baking. Plus, there’s a handy section that shares tips and tricks to improve your cooking skills.

There are step-by-step photographs in case you don’t understand the recipe. On each page, there is an ingredient list, method, and description of the food, as well as how it tastes.

I love the main meal section because there are so many things to choose from. I made the chilli con carne and my family really enjoyed eating it! I have also made French toast, lamb kebabs, and apple pie. The book has a variety of exceedingly delicious recipes from around the world, including curry.

The recipes aren’t too hard and the information is very easy to understand. I would recommend this book for beginners and kids who love food and want to learn how to cook.