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Winter 2018

by Linda Obel

How can I help my 8yo succeed in school when he isn’t interested?

You are not alone! We live in an era of instant gratification and distractions. When things do not come easily, children can lose interest. Supporting learning at home is the best way to help your child become more confident, organised and interested in school. Here’s how you can help:

  • Assist with homework as much as possible and establish a distraction-free, daily set time for homework
  • Help your child become an active thinker. As they begin their homework, ask questions about where they should begin, set a goal, discuss the material with them to make sure they understand it, make observations about certain points. By doing so, you are modelling active learning
  • Instil organisational skills such as arranging study materials, creating to-do lists, prioritising assignments and tackling tasks one at a time
  • Celebrate effort and every minor success. Focus on praising rather than nagging
  • Make it fun! The more smiles your child has during study time, the more positive he will feel about school and learning
  • Set firm bedtimes. Kids need sleep to focus properly at school. It is recommended that children ages six to 13 years need nine to 11 hours of sleep in order to function well the following day

Studies show that kids who have parents who are involved in their schooling perform better in school and get better grades. I hope that this will help your son have a more successful school year!

Linda Obel, M.Ed.

Director, Oxford Learning Center