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Autumn 2018

by Victor Petegara

How often should I groom my pets?

As leaders of busy lives, adequately caring for our pets can feel like a real strain. As a result, our pets’ welfare can be de-escalated in favour of more pressing human priorities. Best practice, however, stipulates that regular pet grooming is an essential part of enhancing the general well-being, health and happiness of our furry friends.

That said, the optimum frequency for grooming depends upon the breed, age, hair length and thickness, type of coat, overall health, and the lifestyle of each pet.

For example, the American Kennel Club recommends that dogs be groomed, on average, every four weeks. From experience in Doha, I recommend grooming every four to six weeks—as part of a healthy organic grooming regimen—given that most dogs here live a predominantly sedentary life. Cats can, on the other hand, partially clean themselves, so the length of time between grooms can generally be longer (every six to 10 weeks).

Of course, pets are more fun when they are clean, healthy and happy; and when they are regularly groomed, they are much more huggable too.

Kind regards,

Victor Petegara

Senior Professional Groomer, Barkers & Mittens Organic Pet Spa in Doha