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Autumn 2016

How can I help my child settle into a new school?

Whether your child is new to Qatar or changing schools within Doha, getting him or her settled is a top priority to ensuring a positive school experience. Here are our recommendations for helping your child adjust to their new school.

Engage with school. Read the school’s emails, go to induction events and connect with the parents’ association—they are an amazing resource for support, especially if you are new to the country. Get your students excited. Let them choose their stationery, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc. For younger children, read stories about starting school so they learn what to expect.

Stay positive. Try not to linger for more than 15 minutes when you drop them off for school. Most importantly, leave with a big smile—if you look upset, it will worry your child even more. Most children will settle once the lessons start. If you are really concerned, then wait in the school reception area for a little while and ask someone to check how they are.

Give children time to settle. Instead of rushing into school for a meeting with the teacher when your child comes home upset after his first day of school, simply reassure and comfort your child. If there are still settling issues after a week, then speak to the teacher.

Become familiar with the school curriculum. This will help you work with the school. You know your child better than anyone so be honest with the teachers if there are particular things that worry your child.

Jonathan Dey, Principal and CEO
GEMS Wellington School