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Travel-sized Games for Kids

by Rita Di Antonio

Long-haul flights, layovers, waiting times at restaurants or at the doctor’s can take a toll on anyone, but keeping children occupied when patience is required might bring additional stress. While we gladly bend the rules if necessary, we like having a few options in our pockets to stave off the screen time.

We scouted around Doha to find games and activities that are easy to carry, mess-free, don’t contain small parts that can easily be lost or left behind, and—most importantly—can keep children entertained for a while.


These chunky, colourful building blocks promise to “only require children’s imagination” to provide hours of fun and creativity. They can be bought along with instructions to build specific items such as boats, cars, castles or pieces of jewellery, or as a pack of blocks that allow kids to unleash their creativity. Plus-Plus blocks come in two sizes: Midi—chunky, 50mm large blocks ideal for toddler hands—and Mini—smaller blocks for older children and pre-teens. The Mini blocks are easier to lose when out and about, so we recommend them for older, responsible children—or watchful parents.

Recommended age: One to six for Plus-Plus Midi. Five to 12 for Plus-Plus Mini
Available at: Virgin Megastore
Price: QR 69 for a pack of 300 assorted blocks

Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pads

These activity pads by Melissa & Doug will keep children busy creating their own narrative with background scenes and hundreds of stickers to fill them. From making a meal or bringing a princess palace to life to placing animals in their natural habitats or vehicles on the road, kids can tell endless stories with these sticker pads. Their rigid cardboard back makes them an ideal activity to play with while out and about. All Melissa & Doug toys comply with both EU and US safety regulations regarding the use of harmful substances such as lead or phthalates, giving parents additional peace of mind.

Recommended age: Three and older
Available at: Le Joué Club, Lagoona Mall
Price: QR 20


This travel-size drawing case is ideal to keep creative toddlers busy while on the go—it gives children limitless possibilities to draw without the need for paper or messy crayons. Just fill the pen with water, use it on the drawing pad and watch the magic happen. Once the pad is full of art, all you have to do is wait a few minutes for the water to dry and start again. When folded, Aquadoodle becomes a light, easy-to-carry soft pouch complete with handles that can be carried by its owner or fit snuggly in mum’s handbag.

Recommended age: 18 months and older
Available at: Hamleys, Mall of Qatar
Price: QR 159

Travel-sized Scrabble or Sequence

Siblings or children travelling in a group can kill time with a board game packed in a compact, travel-friendly case. Scrabble can be played by up to four players and is a great way to keep young minds occupied while improving their spelling and vocabulary. Sequence can entertain up to 12 players—a strategy card game, it doesn’t require much setting up and it has straightforward rules that are easy to teach a new friend or travel companion.

Recommended age: Ten and older for Scrabble, seven and older for Sequence
Available at: Hamleys, Mall of Qatar