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Movie review: Rio 2


Storyline in Short

After discovering that there might be more Blue Macaws in the Amazon jungle, Blue and his family leave the comfort of Rio to search them out and run into adventure and emotional dilemma all at once.

Favourite Characters

My four-year-old daughter liked Gabi, the pink frog (probably due to her colour) while my six-year-old son preferred Nigel, the bad guy. (Should I be worried that they like the mean guys?)

Favourite part

My daughter’s favourite: When Nigel, the mean bird, performs his song.
My favourite: The witty humour and beautiful imagery

Discussions to be prepared for

“Why were they cutting down the rainforest?”

“Can a frog marry a bird?” and (my favourite) “What is a fanny pack?”

Cinemum Says:

G (USA): General

Meet the Parrots.

Starring: (voices of) Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, Jemaine Clement, Kristin Chenoweth, Jesse Eisenberg, Miguel Ferrer, Jamie Foxx, Jake T. Austin, Pierce Gagnon, Andy Garcia, Jeffrey Garcia, Rachel Crow, Bernardo de Paula, will.i.am, George Lopez, Bruno Mars

Directed by: Carlos Saldanha

Running time: 101 minutes

Rated: CTC (Australia), U (UK), G (USA)

Violence/Gore: Character are tied to a rocket, accidentally set on fire, shot (dart), bound, hit with objects, thrown through the air, near-poisoned, thrown overboard, poked, bitten, eaten by a snake (implied), abducted, throat-grabbed. A poisonous frog drinks her own toxin to imply suicide. Smashed objects, broken glass, explosions. A song lyric discusses killing other birds. Animals attack/eat/swoop each other/people. Axe thrown. Screaming, hissing. Blood/gore: A bird learns he’ll never fly again, damaged feathers seen (flashback). Charred wings/feathers. Animal skeletons.

Sex/Nudity: Kissing, hugging, snuggling, preening. Skimpy clothing, cleavage.

Vices/Drug use: Alcohol (champagne). Frog poison seen/consumed.

Offensive language: Poop, poo, droppings. Name-calling. Religious exclamation.

Themes: New Year’s Eve, the Amazon, the jungle, family, Carnaval, Shakespeare, adventure, exploration, duets, father-daughter relationships, reunions, technology, logging, deforestation, environmentalism, forbidden love, auditions, Brazil nuts, soccer, football.

Hidden extras: Fireworks, waterfalls, rapids, full moon, thunder, lightning, fortune telling. Birds (lots), spider (huge), snakes, spiderweb, dog, monkeys, butterfly, tank fish, river fish, frog, sloth, tapir, porcupine, turtles, insects, bats, piranhas, mosquitoes, alligators, panther, porpoises, squirrel. Spitting, drool.

Critics like: Delightful, thrilling, vibrant, complex, elegant, infectious, lighthearted, charming, hyperactive, bright, noisy, eye-popping, ear-tickling, fun. Splashy score, top-notch voice talent, sharp-witted writing, beautifully choreographed musical numbers, creative aerials, complex action sequences, gorgeous backdrops, colourful cast, two-tiered humour, chirpy energy, family friendly.

Critics don’t like: Predictable, overstuffed, shapeless, bland, jumbled, forced, repetitive, manufactured. Derivative plotting, slapstick visuals, lazy writing, too many villains, competing agendas, trite eco-sermonising.

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