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Extreme Fun at Xtremeland

by Gillian Gibson

Even before you step inside the expansive Xtremeland, the sounds of excited screaming and adrenalin-fuelled laughter greet your eardrums, and the whirling twirling carousel horses, flashing neon lights, stylised graffiti, high-wire activities, and bright signs beckon you towards the bewildering wonderland beyond.

Xtremeland offers a little bit of everything. It is an amusement park,  a fairground, a gaming arcade and an adrenalin junkie’s paradise. You’ll even find a toddler haven on the mezzanine level. The resulting space provides kids and families, young and old, with a domain to enjoy.

A plethora of exciting attractions

Attractions include high-adrenaline rides such as the Drop and Twist Tower, Maverik (a twisting and flipping flat ride), Jump Around (a high-speed rotating ride), Dance Party 360 (a high-speed rotating and flipping ride), and a giant three-storey-high slide. It also offers gentler rides, including a carousel, a family swing, bumper cars, the North Pole water boat ride, Taga J (a rotating inflatable), and Convoy (a car-track ride). More physically demanding activities such as a high-wire adventure course, a trampoline park, and four climbing walls, including Face to Face, a timed climbing challenge between two climbers. There are also arcade games and machines, kiddies character and simulated rides, and video gaming activities, such as Dark Ride, a 3D game for multiple players.

The icing on the Xtremeland cake, for mums with kids of varying ages, is Toddler Land, a giant soft play area for toddlers. For children up to 120cm, Toddler Land is six-level-high soft play with tunnels, multi-shaped steps, ramps, slides of varying sizes and shapes, swings, obstacles to clamber over, under, around, and in and out of, wall puzzles, and a soft ball arena with air cannons and a ball fountain. If that were not enough, connected by a rope bridge on the sixth floor, a second soft play area is available for those brave enough to cross the bridge. There is even a small area, outside of the main climbing structure, with clamber-on toys for the smallest of adventurers. Playtime is unlimited and children 105cm and above are free to roam by themselves. On entering Toddler Land all children must be signed in, and a parents name and number provided. No child may leave without being signed out.

Numerous arcade games in the park can be played to win tokens. The tokens can be exchanged at a redemption desk for an array of prizes, from plastic knick-knacks to dolls, remote control cars and drones. Redemption tickets expire one year from last day of use.

Doha Family Rating:

Convenience: 3/5

Safety: 3.5/5

Facilities: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Height restrictions

All of the rides and activities at Xtremeland require participants to be of a certain age or height. The majority of rides and activities, if age and heights restrictions are met, can be entered by children on their own. However, some require children to be accompanied by an adult if they are under a certain height or age. For example, the following rides and activities require adult participation for children who shorter than or younger than these limits.

  • Toddler Land, under 105cm
  • Convoy Ride, younger than 4 years old
  • North Pole Ride, under 90cm
  • Bumper Cars, under 120cm
  • Jump Around Ride, 4–8 years old
  • High Wire Adventure Course, 115–140cm

Children are able to enter the park on their own. However, it is worth noting that if you do leave your children within the park unaccompanied, there is nothing to prevent them from leaving the park, i.e. gates and barriers, security bracelets. They only venue inside the park that requires children to be signed in and out is the soft-play area, Toddler Land.

The park adheres to all fire and safety regulations and is inspected on a regular basis. Emergency exits are signposted, security cameras are provided at strategic locations and security personnel can be found on the site.

Xtremeland is a busy venue in the late afternoon to evening, especially on a Friday and Saturday. If you prefer a more peaceful visit you may want to consider dropping in during the morning or early afternoon, and during the week days.

The Nitty Gritty

Location: First floor in the Mall of Qatar, off of Dukhan Highway

Directions: Most of the area around the mall is under construction, so watch out for changes in road layout

Via Dukhan Highway (towards Dukhan):

  1. Pass Sidra Hospital and QNCC on your right and continue along the highway
  2. On the approach to the Amiri Guard, on your left, take the right exit towards Al-Rufaa Street and the Mall of Qatar

Via Doha Expressway towards Al Rayyan:

  1. Whilst on the expressway, take the exit towards Al-Rufaa Street/Celebration Road
  2. Continue to the Al-Rufaa Roundabout and take a right towards the Mall of Qatar

Parking: There is plenty of free basement and covered outdoor parking at the Mall of Qatar

Nearby Landmarks: The Mall of Qatar is adjacent to the Amiri Guard on the Dukhan Road and opposite the new AL Rayyan Stadium.

Contact:+974 4486-5473 or +974 4458-2311

Accessibility: Access to the Xtremeland site itself is unrestricted. The Mezzanine level can be accessed via several sets of stairs, a lift and via a spiral ramped walkway.

Physically handicapped and special needs visitors are welcomed at Xtremeland, and by pre-arrangement, special needs groups can be accommodated, but stairs would have to be navigated to access to certain rides

Hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:00–23:00, Friday and Saturday 10:00–midnight (closed from 11:30–13:00 on Fridays)

Fees: An Xtremeland card must be purchased at the reception desk for 3QR and can be topped up with credits each time you visit. The minimum top up is 50QR, and if you purchase a card with more than 125QR in credits, the initial 3QR for the card is waived.

Promotional packages are available, where a lump sum of credit purchased gives you additional free credits on top, i.e. buy 125 credits, get 25 free credits. But beware, free credits expire 90 days after the last day of use.

Amusement rides, such as the giant slide, bumper cars, Drop and Twist Tower, climbing wall, Clip and Climb walls, carousel, the Dark Ride 3D gaming ride and others range in cost from 10QR to 20QR per ride.

Toddler Land costs QR 60 for the full day, while the trampoline park (a 30-minute session) and the high-wire adventure course cost 50 QR.

Arcade games and video games cost QR 5 and up per game.

Ages: Xtremeland is designed for all ages. However, ride and activity height and age restrictions apply. Check the information boards/height charts outside rides and activities for further information.

Food: No food and beverage outlets are provided within the Xtremeland site. However, a plethora of cafes, restaurants and food outlets can be found throughout the mall, in particular around the Oasis (a vibrant dining and entertainment zone).

Toilet facilities: On the ground and mezzanine floors of the Xtremeland site. All toilet facilities are provided with lowered toilets and wash basins suitable for children. An accessible cubicle is provided in each WC.

Wi-Fi: No

Nearby mosque: Male and female prayer rooms are available on the First Floor of the Mall.

Doha Family Tip

  • Register your Xtremeland card (name and contact details) at one of the Customer Registration Stations around the site. You can check the credit balance on your card at any of the stations, and ensure that if you lose your card it can be replaced, including any remaining credit contained on the misplaced card.