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Al Maroona Beach

by Bethan Wyn Speakman

If you're looking for some good old family fun on the beach, then Al Maroona is well worth a visit.

Situated on the northeastern tip of Qatar, just before Fuwairit Beach, Al Maroona is a natural treasure trove; the sand is soft and golden and the sea a big, warm paddling pool full of fascinating sea life to explore. We saw a starfish, tiny hermit crabs, plenty of fish and even a turtle! Visitors may see jellyfish as well, but this needn’t put you off—the clarity of the water makes them very easy to spot.

Your water babies and little swimmers will love playing in the shallow water. Nonetheless, as with many of Qatar’s beaches, you would have to walk quite a distance to immerse yourself in the water and swim properly.

Don’t forget your bucket and spade—the sand is perfect for building sand castles. However, when you hit the beach, you may notice deep holes with mounds of sand right next to them. Ghost crabs have dug these holes and there might just be one taking cover inside. This is good to know should one pop out as you’re tucking in to a sandwich and give you a fright! Don’t worry, they are not dangerous and will scurry back in when they see you.

Wild, undeveloped and natural, Al Maroona is a great place to come and escape the city—arrive early in the morning and be the first ones there.

Basic information

Nearby landmarks:  Ras Laffan Industrial City can be seen in the distance to the right as you face the sea.

Parking:  Park on the sandy ground just before the beach.

Toilets:  No

Doha Family tips

Don’t forget!

  • Take food and drinks with you—there are no refreshment outlets nearby.
  • If you haven’t had a chance to prepare a picnic, there are plenty of good service stations en route selling snacks and drinks.
  • Bear in mind that this is an isolated beach in the desert—take your own shade.
  • It’s a great place to take photos so don’t forget your camera!
  • Al Maroona beach starts getting busy at around midday when space on the beach may be harder to find.
  • Make a day of it and visit the nearby Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings, just slightly further down the coast.

Other information

Food and beverages:  No

Showers No

Nearby mosque:  No

Driving directions

  • Head north out of Doha on the Al Shamal Road.
  • Exit the Al Shamal Road at exit 72.
  • As you come off you will see a blue signpost for Al Maroona. Take a left onto this road that runs north, parallel with the Al Shamal Road.
  • Stay on this road for approximately 3 km.
  • Then you will see another blue signpost for Al Maroona. Turn right here.
  • Follow this narrow, straight asphalt road for circa 6 km parallel to the telegraph poles, until the road veers to the left. At this point turn right off the asphalt road, onto a bumpy dirt track.
  • Follow the telegraph poles towards a large white castle-like house.
  • Just before the white house turn left towards the sea.
  • The beach is in front of you between two large private properties.
Parents cooling down while the kids play
Sandy beach
Bathing in the Gulf
Calm blue waters
A ghost crab
Building sand castles
Beautiful sunset

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