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Off the Wall Fun at Bounce Doha


Get ready to hop, jump, skip, spring and leap to your heart’s content at Bounce Doha, the largest indoor trampoline park in the Middle East. Encased in circus-grade padding, this 4,000-sqm facility of wall-to-wall trampolines is the ultimate spring-loaded playground for kids and adults.

Trampoline workouts offer an excellent way of keeping fit and improving overall health. In fact, exercising on a trampoline for ten minutes provides a better cardiovascular workout than half an hour of running. It’s a low-impact sport, which reduces the risk of injury and, as with all exercise, it releases endorphins. So get jumping to improve your muscle tone, reduce body fat and work on that all-important core stability—all while having heaps of fun.

A hopping good time

Bounce’s trademark fun is centred around its 100+ trampolines, which are separated into different courts to allow for a range of activities. The free-jumping arena consists of about 50 interconnected trampolines, allowing you and your kids to run from mat to mat or just practice moves on a single trampoline. There are also netted-off areas where you can play a game of dodgeball, football or participate in Bounce Fit—a high-intensity, low-impact exercise class that promises to be a lot of fun. At the time of writing, the details of the classes are still in the works, but keep an eye on the Bounce website for more info.

A court called “Slam Dunk” offers aspiring basketballers a spring-loaded platform to perfect their dunking skills and show off their inner Michael Jordan.

Meanwhile, thrill-seekers can go wild on the super-charged performance trampoline, a special trampoline made for professional athletes. Next to the performance trampolines is the “wall”—perfectly positioned for next-level flips and jumps. Run up the wall and flip over on to the mat—if you dare.

The fun at Bounce isn’t restricted to just jumping. The venue also includes the X-Park Adventure Challenge Course, an obstacle course with a parkour area called “Free Run”. If you’ve dreamed of training like a ninja warrior, then this is your chance. The arena features 18 different elements that will have you swinging, climbing, jumping, scaling and zipping across, while challenging your brain and body. This area of the park requires participants to wear training shoes.

Finally, the Big Bag consists of a high-dive platform and a massive air-filled bag. It’s a great place to practice aerial manoeuvres over a cloud-like surface before moving on to the performance trampolines.

Bounce is new to Doha so stay tuned as they get settled. Packages for corporate and birthday parties will be rolling out soon. According to Bounce’s website, party packages typically include one hour of free jumping sessions and 30 minutes in a private party room, food, a dedicated host, grip socks and a reserved area for parents to relax in.

Safety standards

Bounce Inc. is part of a prominent international body whose endeavour is to establish worldwide best practices for trampoline safety. Safety is of paramount importance for an activity that carries inherent risks. Each Bounce facility is designed to reduce or eliminate hazards associated with jump sports—the highest grade padding is utilised around the park and covers every exposed element. Independently assessed safety policies and systems are in place at every Bounce park.

In addition to prominently displayed general rules and guidelines, specific rules are located at the entrance to each trampoline court. The park is also constantly monitored by dedicated staff, experienced in gymnastics and associated sports and activities.

Ultimately, you must take responsibility for your and your children’s safety. Familiarise yourself with and abide by the rules, jump within your skill level—or take classes to improve it—and ensure you are medically fit before you jump.

Location: Tawar Mall, located in Al Duhail at the intersection of Al Markhiya and Arab League streets

From the Corniche (towards West Bay):

  • Take a left on to Al Markhiya Street and continue for approximately 5 km
  • Turn right on to Arab League Street. Tawar Mall is on the left-hand side

From Doha Expressway (towards Al Duhail):

  • Exit the expressway at the Umm Lekhba Interchange and turn right at the bottom of the slip road on to Al Markhiya Street
  • Follow Al Markhiya Street for about 1 km to Arab League Street, then turn left. Tawar Mall is on the left-hand side

Parking: Free underground parking is available

Nearby landmarks: Dahl Al Hamam Park

Contact: info@bounce.qa, bounce.qa

Accessibility: Bounce Inc. facilities are designed for high-energy sporting activities but do not preclude the physically or mentally impaired

Hours: Saturday to Wednesday 10:00–22:00, Thursday and Friday 10:00–midnight

Fees: Sessions last one hour and can be booked throughout the day. QR 90 general admission for anyone taller than 110 cm; QR 110 for general admission and XPark; QR 80 for children less than 110 cm tall and at least three years old
Fees include the cost of a pair of reusable grip socks. Subsequent visits cost QR 10 less if you bring your reusable grip socks

Ages: Three and up. Height restrictions apply to specific activities and programmes

Food and beverages: Food and drinks are prohibited on trampolines or platforms, but there are designated areas for purchasing and consuming food and drinks

Wi-Fi: Select “Tawar Mall FREE Rapid Wi-Fi”

Dress code: Bounce recommends comfortable clothing such as athletic wear, preferably with long pants and sleeves. Shoes are required in the X-Park and Free Run areas. Bounce’s reusable grip socks must be worn at all times on the trampolines

Doha Family Tips

  • Book online in advance of your visit to ensure you get the sessions you want—popular programmes sell out quickly
  • Arrive at least 15–20 minutes before your session to register, complete any paperwork (i.e. waivers) and, if necessary, change or deposit belongings in the lockers provided
  • At the time of writing, much of Tawar Mall was still under construction, but the date of the mall’s soft opening should be announced soon