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Teen Talks: Community Support

by Zainab Hussain

By: Zainab Hussain, age 13, Al Khor international school

I think everyone can contribute to social development through volunteering if they want to bring a positive change to society. There is a very human aspect to the problems facing people around the world, and it needs to be properly understood and appreciated. There are challenges like poverty, injustice, violence, unemployment, educational issues, and disability.


During my last visit to Pakistan, I learnt that my grandmother voluntarily opened up her backyard to women from her village. They would come there to sew and embroider clothes. After that, some boys would volunteer to take those clothes to sell them in cities and return to give them the money. I was really impressed with those boys’ acts of kindness. I also noticed that those women would bring their children to play. One day, I asked those children whether they go to school and which schools they go to. They told me that they could not afford to go to school. This made me feel really sad and bad for them, so I decided to do something.


After my uncle finished his exams, he was no longer busy and could help. So I asked him for ideas to help those children. He told me that we could build a small school for them. I thought that this was an excellent idea and that we should implement it. So I started planning. I talked to some of our family friends, and they all wanted to help, too. They donated some books, and we also bought some from the market. We also bought stationery. Then we took a small corner of the backyard and put tables and chairs so that the children could come and learn. In a few days, the setup was complete, and we had built a small classroom. So we invited the children to study, and they were all so surprised and excited.


My uncle, siblings, friends, relatives, and I taught those children many subjects, including maths, science, and English. The kids were really happy, and they were very intuitive. I learned that they all were good at their studies and were fast learners, but they never got the chance to show it. In a few days, the maids that came to the houses nearby sent their children, which made us feel really happy. My grandmother was really happy and proud, and so were all of the mothers, and they thanked us all. We told them that this was our job. From that day on, we taught the kids and even gave them prizes and awards.


This is just one example of the many ways we can help others. This was just a small act of charity, but many small actions can have a big effect when they come together. We can help everyone, one at a time. All it takes is a little bit of kindness and motivation. We can make this world a better place—not just for others but also for us. We can reach this goal together as a community.



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