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Doha Dad Talks: Living Intentionally

by Precioso L. Tano

There is always a light at the end of every tunnel, even if there is an awful lot of tunnel left. Our daily lives have turned upside down during this pandemic, and life may not be transitioning back to our pre-conceived idea of normal anytime soon. However, as families living with the reality of Covid-19, we can build more intentional lives during this trying time.

As we partake in outside our social bubbles, we may be feeling a range of emotions. By being intentional about how we integrate with the public, we shall feel empowered and give our children a sense of security. But to do this, each family member needs guidance to ease the anxiety, find flow, and have clearer intentions as we move through this transition.

Now more than ever, as parents, we are the centre of our children’s world. So, we must stay grounded and keep taking care of ourselves for our children to feel secure and confident during this uncertain time. This is because the stability we provide in our homes makes them feel safe as they venture out into public places. And this does not have to be hard—getting quality sleep every night, eating nourishing meals, or even taking solo walks around the block are all practices that help.

The more we take care of ourselves, the better we can parent our children. Remember, self-care gives us more energy and helps us regulate our own emotions with more ease, creating a more stable emotional environment for our families.

Furthermore, instead of slipping back into our same lives before Covid-19, let us also be intentional about how we want to build our lives moving forward. We have to reflect on the time we have spent with our families in lockdown. Though there have been plenty of challenges, there have likely been a few positives as well. Maybe we have enjoyed having less social commitments on our calendars, making room for more spontaneity with our families. Perhaps we have enjoyed working from home because it increases our time with them. So as we add activities to our schedules, let us consider each one carefully. Let us ask if they really “light us up”—we must not be on autopilot. So let us be intentional, this is our opportunity to edge closer to our ideal family lives.

The pandemic has also shone a light on areas that have needed attention. Now is also a good time to re-assess our values and our “must-haves” and take steps—big or small—towards making changes. Honouring the challenges that we have right now is an opportunity for personal growth that can lead to more fulfilling lives for us all.

So, let us focus on bringing back the essential things into our lives that will help us move forward, while still being intentional about curating our lives. Let us live with our eyes wide open. And if our children are mature enough to understand, they will also love being part of this process. Their honesty, wisdom, and insight may become key factors in building our improved family lives.


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