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Expat Children in Qatar: Some of the Most Privileged on Earth

by Rakesh Verma

Expat children in Qatar are some of the most blessed in the world. Family income aside, parents here are often able to provide their children with the best facilities to aid them with their growth and education.

Firstly, the government of Qatar enables working parents to have maximum family-time due to fixed working hours.

In many other countries, this is not the case, and you will rarely find both parents at home with their children at the same time. Often, if the children are at home, the mother or the father is out on duty. So, parents in Qatar have the chance to give their children ample attention in the evening. They also have time to accompany them to malls, eateries, parks, and cinemas at the weekend.

Secondly, children in Qatar have access to premium-level education, where the latest technology is incorporated to help them learn efficiently. This is helped by the fact that in most homes, parents can provide 24-hour internet access. Additionally, extra classes are also affordable for many families.

An animated picture of a light-skinned hand making a heart shape in front of the Qatar flag

Furthermore, many apartment complexes give families free access to gymnasium facilities and swimming pools. The free local landline calls here also make it possible for schoolchildren to have unlimited phone conversations with peers or tutors to help with their studies.

Even now, in the middle of a pandemic, children do not have to miss a class as parents are ever-equipped to give them the latest gadgets needed for virtual lessons. And when families cannot access resources like laptops for their children, organisations like the Qatar Charity and ICBF have come forward to provide them so that no student misses out.

Because of all of this and more, I would like to advise expat children in Qatar to make the most of the advantages of living here. I would also like to tell them to thank God and the Emir for giving their parents a fantastic living experience in this country that they can now call home.

Rakesh Verma is a Doha-based teacher who has lived in Qatar since 2011. He currently teaches Political Science at Birla Public School and has a master’s degree in the subject.  Mr Verma has over 29 years of teaching experience along with five years in operational and administrative areas.