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Welcome to Summer Camp! Time for lots of fun and joy. Wiz Kidz Summer Camp is a great way for children to participate in creative, stimulating and imaginative activities. We offer children the opportunity to learn new skills, stay in shape and most of all, have a great time. We offer a wonderful and memorable summer camp experience, and we believe that summer camp should provide both a sense of adventure and the opportunity for personal growth and self-exploration for our little ones. We do this by providing a wide array of activities. Our summer camp combines physical and social activities; gymnastics and games with arts, crafts, water play, drama play and much more. Each week offers an interactive learning theme and each day brings a different, creative lesson.

Choosing the right summer camp is a very important decision. Please contact us for any questions or queries.

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Summer Camp 2019


QR700 per week
​QR2800 per month with 10% discount for all new registrations

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Nursery Camp

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Fereej Bin Omran

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Options for working parents

Within a short distance from your home, Wiz Kidz Summer Camp offers a strong community and a wide variety of programs. Your children are assured of getting the care that they need, the creative learning experiences they enjoy, and the intellectually challenging opportunities they deserve.

Our Staff training

Our staffs are trained in emergency first aid and infant/toddler CPR they will know how to handle medical emergencies, also when each adult is responsible for fewer children, your child can be provided with more one-on-one attention. Attention is crucial to your child’s social and emotional development.

Your children are precious so we offer the highest educated staff and the best program that gives chance to your child to enjoy and have fun.