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Surval Summer Camp

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Surval Summer Camp is a language and activity camp in Montreux, Switzerland exclusively for girls aged 9 to 16 years from around the world.

We encourage girls to learn a language, join fun activities and excursions in and around Switzerland, whilst making friends for life. What makes the camp so unique is our savoir vivre classes of culture, customs and etiquette, in addition to water sports, trips and lots of other fun activities.

Girls can join for 3 to 6 weeks from 23 June to 2 August 2019.

The Summer Camp is run by the unique all-girls boarding school, Surval Montreux.

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Surval Summer Camp


CHF 7500 for three weeks

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Summer Camp

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What makes this summer camp different from other Swiss camps?

It is exclusively for girls, and is also a camp run and managed by Surval Montreux (all-girls boarding school) teachers and staff. As a small boarding school we provide a safe and friendly environment for the girls as they embark on their Swiss summer adventure.

What language do I learn?

Girls can choose between English or French. Located in the French speaking part of Switzerland girls can practice their French in the classroom and around Montreux, but as an international school our main language of instruction is English. This allows girls the opportunity of choosing which language to focus on the classroom, whilst benefiting from the opportunity of practicing both.