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Portraits by Louise Bird

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Louise Bird is a professional portrait artist and has been for fifteen years.

Louise works to commission usually in oils, watercolour or pencil. She works closely with her clients to ensure their satisfaction. Usually spending time with the subject to get to know their personality and taking numerous reference photographs to help with the painting.

As well as traditional portraiture, Louise also paints animals, buildings and creates bespoke caricature paintings. These in particular make ideal leaving and birthday presents as many elements can be included.

Words can only say so much about Louise’s work, the best way to decide is by visiting her website and viewing her vast array of work.

Louise believes that a portrait makes a unique, special gift that can become a family treasure.

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Portraits by Louise BirdLouise is a professional portrait artist and caricaturist now based in Doha. Louise works mainly to commission and uses oils, watercolour or pencil to produce stunning portraits for her clients. As well as traditional portraits Louise also produces bespoke caricature paintings which make perfect leaving, birthday or surprise gifts.

Louise believes that a portrait makes a special gift that can become a family treasure.

Artist Louise BirdLouise particularly enjoys painting children, and as a mum can put them at their ease. Louise spends time with the subject so she can incorporate their personality into the painting. Louise works mainly from photographs (as we know children will not sit still long enough to be drawn!), usually taking the photos herself. Louise reviews the images with the client to get the best reference to work from and then painting begins!