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Kings College Doha is recommended by many as the best British Curriculum Prep School in Qatar; distinct in the region for providing UK trained specialist teachers across all age groups, with 100% specialist subject teaching from Year 5.

Home to 500 students from 60 nationalities aged between 3 and 13, King’s attracts families from all over the world who are looking to maintain the same educational standards expected of the best performing British independent schools. The school’s ethos and culture of excellence, established over 139 years, is delivered in custom built, modern learning environments; complemented by first-class facilities and enviable enrichment programmes.

Whatever their starting point, children joining King’s College Doha are able to fully explore their individual personalities and capabilities, helping them become happy and confident learners; equipped to succeed on the global stage and able to transition seamlessly between countries and curricula.

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British Curriculum

King’s College Doha provides the very best of British independent school education – our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England, adapted to suit our international setting and to adhere to the requirements set out by the Ministry of Education (MoE). King’s has an enviable enrichment programme, which is woven into the curriculum and an integral part of school life.

Specialist Teachers

Unlike most other primary schools in Qatar, children at King’s are taught by subject specialist teachers in all lessons – Maths, English, Science, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Qatari History, Humanities, IT, PE, Swimming, Music, Art, DT and PSHE. This gives students opportunities to learn beyond their perceived boundaries from an early age as they prepare for higher education. This specialist subject teaching model enables our students to start secondary school at either age 11 or 13.