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Feto Maternal Medical Centre

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The Fetomaternal Medical centre is a well-established centre of excellence for women and children at a standard unparalleled in Qatar. Our ethos is to provide a European standard of care with both specialists and subspecialists. We insist on maintaining a very high standard of confidentiality, hygiene, cleanliness, patient friendly service with minimum visits and inconvenience. Our appointment system can be accessed through telephone, email or medical information websites. We have four senior obstetricians and gynecologists as well as two experienced pediatricians. Our subspecialties include Obstetric ultrasound, fetal and maternal medicine as well as infertility. Our IVF unit is functional and showing a great degree of success with our top notch British trained embryologist. Our effective collaboration with an accredited laboratory that we trust allows us to provide an excellent care. Our caring and well-trained nurses are kept up to date with regular training. We are committed to looking at our patient’s issues holistically within the team including nurses, pharmacy, dietitian’s pediatricians and obstetricians. We are thus able to provide not only sexual health from adulthood to the menopause but also cover the transition from a couple to parenthood all within the one unit.

Unusual for a private centre we are also a training centre for both medical undergraduate and post graduate.

Additional Information:

Area of Doha:

Al Markhiya

Location Hints:

380 Al Markhiya Street, Opposite of Woqod Petrol Station

Quick Facts:

Services provided and Key facts

-Well woman
-Adult vaccination
-Sexual health check
-Family planning
-Pre pregnancy check
-Pregnancy follow up
-High risk pregnancy follow up
-Screening for abnormalities
-Non Invasive prenatal testing
-Counseling for fetal anomalies
-Follow up of abnormal pregnancy
-Subfertility testing
-Highest standard of ultrasound in Doha privately
-All services under the same roof
-Care for women and children
-Fetal medicine unit
-IVF unit
-Paediatric diabetology

Our Paediatric services include

-Well baby check
-Pre college check
-Pediatric growth assessment and follow up
-Treatment of general childhood illnesses
-Diet and breast feeding advice
-Follow up and referral of high risk conditions
-Vaccination services
-We run a baby club once a month where parents and babies interact with each other and our staff helping strengthen the mother and baby bond
-Our pharmacy makes sure to provide the medication that we prescribe at the least inconvenience to the patients and their family
-Our dietitians provide advice diet and follow up

Our subspecialties

-Fetal medicine: with the highest level of ultrasound, at length counseling and invasive procedures such as Amniocentesis
-Subfertility and recurrent miscarriage care with full investigation, follow up and options of treatment including timed intercourse IUI, IVF, ICSI and PGD.
-Pediatric Endocrinology with emphasis on pediatric diabetes.