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Doha British Schools (DBS), located in Ain Khaled and Al Wakra, are recognised amongst the most prestigious British Curriculum international schools in Qatar and the Gulf region. We are fully accredited by BSME, BSO and CIS and provide a first class education for our students. Our core purpose is to ensure that every young person gains as much as possible from our schools, based on our fundamental belief that all learners can, need and want to achieve.

DBS have an outstanding reputation for providing academic excellence coupled with unrivalled pastoral care. Our aim is to nurture, encourage and equip every child with the tools to exceed their academic potential, whilst also developing confidence, self-efficacy and self-esteem. Our IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma results are outstanding and continue to improve each year.

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Our multicultural student population

With students representing a total of 84 countries worldwide, we are truly multicultural. Our students learn to appreciate and respect each other’s differences and similarities in a safe, enjoyable learning environment.

What's an E.C.A?

An E.C.A is an Extra Curricular Activity and each term, students can choose from a massive range of fun and exciting sports and non-sports activities (most free of charge) including swim squad, guitar, cheerleading, digital photography, languages, musical theatre, drama, ball games, gardening club, MUN (Model United Nations), to name but a few.