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Daffodils Nursery, Old Airport, Doha first opened its doors in July 2013. Our vision is to establish and sustain a culture and reputation of excellence in child care at Daffodils Nursery and be a preferred choice for all parents seeking early education for children up to 4 years of age.

We offer both International and British curriculums and are dedicated to providing a secure, caring, and stimulating environment to help tender young children take essential early steps towards positive emotional, intellectual and social development.

Equipped with experienced staff, international learning tools and methodologies, as well as state of the art infrastructure, the nursery has been very successful since opening. We have been consistently able to get our graduating children placed in the best schools in Doha based on merit.

We have a dedicated leadership team, a team of trained and experienced teachers, teaching assistants, and we are supported by a full time nurse and visiting doctor to take care of the well-being of the little ones.

Our nursery also consists of a fully functional first aid clinic, library, music room, cafeteria, large indoor and outdoor shaded play areas, CCTV and gate security.

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Centrally located with well-laid out, child-friendly indoor& outdoor play areas, and a soft play area. Facilities equipped and maintained to offer best possible comfort and safety for all.

A multicultural environment that encourages interaction among children of different age groups and cultural backgrounds and aids in their social and individual development.

An international curriculum that is tailor-made to suit the child’s individual learning capabilities using teaching methods that are dictated by the child’s progress. This includes effective use of play-time tools; children get the best of both worlds- from textbooks to vocational toys.