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The sweet pleasures of caking…

A cake is in a way an artistic representation of someone dreams, ideas or even their real life experiences put together as a sole masterpiece that aims to bring happiness and pleasure to others.

That’s what I love the most when I bake. Being part for a little while of those unforgettable memories you will create with your loved ones.

It will always be my pleasure to create something special for you.

Trust me, I take cakes really serious…

From the designing to the final execution you will enjoy a “One-on-One” unique & exclusive experience and service.

And will not tell you about the taste as you may need to judge by yourself.

Remember… Cakes are just more than eggs, flour and butter…

Call me and you will not regret it…

Our Birthday Party Services:

Food, Desserts and Candy:

Cake Pops
Decorated Cookies

Party Activities:

Cookie or Cupcake Decorating

Party Activities:

Cookie or Cupcake Decorating

Quick Facts:

Premium Quality CakesPremium quality ingredients like Gourmet chocolate, buttermilk, heavy cream, butter, fresh fruits and real Madagascar vanilla beans are use always in my cakes; some of them are brought from abroad so I can maintain the quality and consistency of all my products. All my orders are fresh baked from scratch to assure you the best quality and flavor.
Exclusive Dedication & PassionBeing a home-based cake decorator I will personally take care of all the special details of your order.

Not having a “production line” or helpers like any other commercial baker, my attention and dedication will always be focus 100% on each project.

I only take a limited number of orders which allow me to focus on each project with the dedication and passion it deserves.

“Making your cake is just like doing one for myself…”