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Our summer courses for kids are designed around fun stories, games and creative activities that will inspire children, improve their language and build their confidence. Above all, they will give them the chance to use the English that they’ve been studying so hard to learn.

Our summer curriculum engages learners with a teaching approach suitable to their age and development. We have designed a syllabus to develop natural communication and promote literacy skills. Learners are encouraged to take an active role in their learning, using English in a meaningful way to take part in fun class activities and projects. Typical activities include: inventing, experimenting and presenting new ideas, arts and crafts, drama, games, and storytelling.

All children develop in different ways and at different rates. Rather than using formal assessment, children are helped to self-evaluate and their achievements are celebrated in their workbooks, parent open days and feedback from teachers.

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Get the most out of school holidays!

Summer School is a fun-filled, project based course that happens twice a year at the British Council English language centre in Doha. Our courses are designed around fun stories, games and creative activities that will inspire your child, improve their language, build their confidence and much more. At the end of the course, children will put together a spectacular display for their parents showcasing the work they have done throughout the course.

Kids learning with the world's English experts!

  1. Improve their language and grow in confidence
  2. Be taught by a qualified and experienced teacher
  3. Use English in class through fun activities
  4. Learn by listening to songs, reading stories, playing games and working on class projects
  5. Have access and guidance to free online learning
  6. Have a great time learning English.