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Barkers & Mittens Organic Pet Spa

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The most convenient, trusted, responsible, and reliable pet grooming company in Doha.
As a sophisticated, savvy pet owner, you understand that establishing a regular natural and healthy grooming schedule for your pet is important to their mental and physical wellbeing. With our onsite mobile service, you gain peace of mind and your pet won’t suffer from needless separation anxiety. Barkers & Mittens firmly believes in “pet wellness” and customises grooming care to your pet’s specific needs. Our spa treatments give your pets the ultimate in health, safety, comfort, and good looks. What’s more, our all-natural products safely and gently cleanse your dogs and cats without any side effects such as dry skin or allergic reactions. Also great for the environment, our organic products wont leave behind harmful residues in the soil or water.

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Grooming – Cats
Grooming – Dogs

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We Groom Your Pets on your DoorstepBarkers & Mittens is Doha’s first, and primary, provider of turn-key Mobile Pet Grooming services. Reduce your stress and time commitment associated with pet grooming – all of our services are conducted in our state of the art pet grooming van. No more trips to the vet – less anxiety for your pets. All of our groomers are trained and qualified
All Organic Pet Spa ServicesNormal pet shampoos, conditioners and other products contain chemicals which can have an adverse and harsh reaction when applied to your pet’s hair, eyes, ears, skin and paws. At Barkers & Mittens we therefore only use the highest quality organic pet grooming products from the UK, US and Europe. These products are completely plant based and naturally clean your pets and make them smell fantastic too. These products are also great for the environment.
We Reward Regular GroomingAccording to the American Kennel Club, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the British Pet Groomer’s Association, pets should be groomed on average (depending upon the type of breed and coat) every 4 to 8 weeks. We therefore offer special discounts for people who groom their pets in accordance with these guidelines.